iPhone: Wifi Connection problem with Belkin Router

I had problem connecting my iPhone to the Belkin G-Router because of the password I was entering was not being accepted by it. I was able to use the internet on my laptop though.

I found a simple solution to connect to router by changing the Security Setting to WEP.

Steps to do:

1. Run the Belkin setup software CD on Laptop/PC with Router connected either through LAN/WLAN.

Note: This PC doesn’t need to be Wifi enabled you may connect it to router using Ethernet LAN. It will only be used to change the security.

2. Go to Security Assistant on your Setup Disk.

3. Click ‘next’ for options.

4. If Router is not detected follow the instructions.

5. At network security (or something like that) you will find 3 options: WPA2, WEP and No Security.

Select WEP because it is compatible with iPhone and most certainly will be with yours.

6. Now give a 1-32 character key which will be encrypted by the router and a new key will be provided to you.

7. Note this key and use it on your phone and your phone will be ready to use wifi.

P.S. WEP encryption is an older encryption method and WPA2 newer one. You may have issues with your PC using WEP key. Please verify that PC is accepting

Any issues contact me at

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