Quota within Quota

The latest ploy by congress to allow 9% Quota within quota for minorities is another step towards the dark tunnel to nowhere. The innocuous looking poll strategy can have serious consequences for the future of the nation. Bringing religious distinction into play the act if implemented will change the basic tenets of the constitution of into to a point of no return. Moreover it is going to be unproductive because not all minorities are in need of this quota, on the other hand some majority groups in Backward Class will be badly hit by the implementation of the scheme having little research backing. These short sighted unproductive proposals easily tell how desperate some men can get for power. They can never be well wishers of the society and must be kept out of power.

Even the proponents of the constitution, some of them from minority and dalit classes, wouldn’t have thought of seeing a situation to such a level of opportunism. Affirmative action is not a bad thing. But the way it has been proposed i.e. during 8 years of UPA role there was neither a demand nor a proposal of minority quota. And then there come polls in the state of UP and Punjab among others, the states having a significant population of minorities (Muslim and Sikh) to remind the government of the noble cause due for implementation. It is very well known that Constitution doesn’t allow any special treatment on the basis of religion or faith and thus it will not be permissible to implement the quota for minorities under the prevalent conditions. However, parliament has time and again used its powers to amend the constitution to such a extent that it is on the verge of losing its basic features. Amending the constitution in order to implement this controversial proposal will push the constitution into the point of no return. It will really a bad day for the people of India especially the ones who put in their best years in making sure that our constitution is sound enough in order to safeguard the interests of the Country and its inhabitants.

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