Book Review – True Believer

MRP 295

My Rating: 6/10

Nicholas Sparks presents a Rustic piece of Romancic Fiction. Its plot depicts a southern (USA) small Town life with an Idyllic touch. The story revolves around the main character ‘Jeremy’ , a middle aged divorced man, who works as a Freelance Journalist based in New York. It captures (among other things) his chance meeting with an attractive Librarian girl, Lexie, in North Carolina while covering one of his stories. First quarter of the book is a little dull covering the professional life of a expose man i.e. Jeremy’s knack of blowing lid over the supernatural stories based on fraudulent claims. It can be said that the book is slow to lift off but once it does, it is a treat to read. The book is laced with the suspence of the Jeremy’s project about the mysterious appearance of ghost lights in a Cemetery and quite thrilling build up of romance between him and Lexie. The prospects of future and the wounds of past haunt the 2 characters before even thinking of going all out with each other. Both have stories to tell and the glowing prospects of future together are threatened by the geographical barriers that separate them. The book brings out complex dynamics of a simple looking relationship building. It is a good light read only if one can marshal the dry, but in no way unreadable, first quarter. Strictly for those who like romantic fiction. 🙂

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