Bad Politics All Over the Place

Indian Politics, more importantly these days, is draining down the gutters of filth like some unbearably stinking pig we can spot in the outskirts of the Capital City. No party, not many politicians can be pinpointed for sure to remain decent for a long time. Uncivil remarks, unwarranted accusations, unjustified poll manifestos, unfaithful partymen, unaccounted corruption and so on.. One must fall short of Un-like adjectives to describe these modern day Politicians.

Was it like this all along in the previous decades? It feels unbelievable to think that politics can sustain like this for a long period of time. There must be a break-point. What is causing all this? Can it be rolled back? Can’t Mr. Salman Khurshid find anything better than Minority Quota as a part of election manifesto? That too after 8 years of rule in the centre when there was nothing done about it. Clearly, this is not a state issue and the ruling party doesn’t have any moral right to declare it as part of their state election plan. Its hypocrisy. On the other hand, can’t BJP field some other winnable candidates in UP than to field a BSP rebel? It was really surprising that amidst criticism one state BJP leader termed Mr. Babulal Kushwaha as a Duryodhan (must be referring to Mahabharata) only to see him out by the party high command after some days. Again, its hypocrisy. Many, examples can be fielded to prove it time and again.

But that is not where the scene ends. There has to be an end to all this. There must be a solution, a panacea or sanjeevani (to quote from ramayana) , to all this political turmoil. The two big parties of the nation namely Congress and BJP have lost their mental balance which is being reflected around whole of the political system. The reasons for this imbalance may be different but a common solution needs to be found. The congress’ problem is that it has seen more than 50 years of rule over the nation. It has led to arrogance of the sort that the party thinks that they are the maai baap of the people. Everything they have done and will do will be accepted by the uneducated, illiterate as British people used to think during the late 19th century. On the other hand, BJP has hardly been in power since independence and this frustration is taking a toll on to them. They are unable to understand why they are not able to defeat congress even though congress has nothing much to back for its defence. They need to see that Rath yatra isn’t as productive as Satyagraha. Anyways, The common solution is that BJP must be brought to power next time ( I hope it does win on its own in next LS elections, A toss is their best win though, just like dhoni’s). I hope after a decade or so of BJP rule there will be some calm in the Indian political climate. I look forward to those good times.


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