10 Best Mimicry Performances

Indian Television has had excess of stand-up comedy performances in the past few years. The trend was started by The Great Indian Laughter Challenge way back in 2006. It was aired on Star One and was followed by several other reality shows. When I look back at those times … read more


Bad Politics

Indian Politics, more importantly these days, is draining down the gutters of filth like some unbearably stinking pig we can spot in the outskirts of the Capital City. No party, not many politicians can be pinpointed for sure to remain decent for a long time. Uncivil remarks, unwarranted accusations, unjustified poll manifestos, unfaithful partymen, unaccounted corruption … read more


Quota Within Quota

The latest ploy by congress to allow 9% Quota within quota for minorities is another step towards the dark tunnel to nowhere. The innocuous looking poll strategy can have serious consequences for the future of the nation. Bringing religious distinction into play the act if implemented will change the basic tenets of the constitution of into to a point of no return. Moreover it is going to be unproductive because not all minorities are in need of this quota, on the other hand some majority groups in Backward Class … read more


Spiritually Lacking

Looking back at the years gone by while sipping from a cup of tea , I don’t know what to make of it. Have I lost so many years without knowing what I was doing? Or is it that the experiences that I gained and the lessons that I learnt more than reciprocate the time spent. It makes me think, do we have any purpose for life or we are just part of a cosmic … read more


I Hope

Life’s never seemed so fast as I see it today. In fact, faster than I can cope up with. Looks like its better to move off the track than continue to chase The destination. The destination which has never been clear and near, every step I take towards it I feel the distance growing. When I was in school I used to dream of being an engineer, an engineer who can convert thought … read more


IT Migration

To categorize today’s population on the basis of the community is a lot tougher than on the basis of profession. It looks to be a positive sign for the future, making us believe that our future generations will not be subject to the caste communalism that we may have gone through. But is it really the merit which is deciding our professions? Is it our interests … read more

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