Website Review – MTURK.COM


MTURK is an initiative by Amazon to bring workers and businesses at one platform for helping each other. It is a sort of marketplace for work. Because it is highly popular, a large number of workers come to this site for their tasks called HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks). Each tasks has a earning attached to it which varies from $0.01 to $20.00 or more. The nature of tasks on this site is diverse.

It Offers:

  • User Surveys.
  • Translations of Words.
  • Transcriptions of Audio files.
  • Article Writing, Summary writing, paraphrasing, etc.
  • Internet Search.
  • Image evaluation.
  • Copying Text from B-card.
  • And What not.

What do you need to have to start working at MTURK?

  1. An email Id
  2. A bank Account for receiving payments.
  3. Even if you don’t have a bank account you can also so convert your earnings to Amazon Gift Vouchers for ordering online products.

Benefits of MTURK

  • Flexible Times – You won’t have to work according to daily schedules, you may choose to.
  • Good choice – As given before, MTURK offers a large set of tasks you can choose from.
  • No bidding – Bidding is one of the worst things. Thank God that MTURK has an easier way of offering work. Any user can choose the open HITs provided that he meets all the criteria.

Drawbacks of MTURK

  • A large number of tasks are for people from US. Well, that’s expected. There is nothing to despair because there are a lot of other tasks which you can be eligible in.
  • There is a $4.00 fee for converting the earnings to Rupees which is required for transferring it to Indian bank account.

My experience at MTURK

As you can see below, I have earned close to $44 by working for only 7 days this month. Bulk of that earning came on 2 days in which I worked for over 12 hours. So that was a real hard work earning me a maximum of Rs. 750 in a day. I don’t want you to work this hard. Go slow and you will last longer. Remember that you will not find good work out there everyday. Wait for the work which rewards your labor in a decent manner.

my verdict: 85/100

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