I Hope

Life’s never seemed so fast as I see it today. In fact, faster than I can cope up with. Looks like its better to move off the track than continue to chase The destination. The destination which has never been clear and near, every step I take towards it I feel the distance growing. When I was in school I used to dream of being an engineer, an engineer who can convert thought to reality. I got good education and got ample amount of family support. I got into engineering. I did engineering, at least the qualification of it. But was it what I had dreamed of? Was this my only dream that to earn an engineering degree and get employed? If I say yes then I would be lying. Then why did I not try to turn my thoughts into realities? The reasons for this are several but I am not sure if they actually are the reasons or mere excuses. I would say that I didn’t find enough guidance from my professors, correct company of friends, enough resources by college. My lecturers were more interested in having us learned subjects than letting us know why do we learn them, how do we use them. My friends, including me, were more interesting in researching the important topics for exams than doing the research on the subject itself. Amidst all this my (as most of my peers’) motivation died and dried. And so did my thoughts and would be realities. Do I feel bad about it? Yes, I do. Do I feel that engineering study is any superior that any Arts degrees? No, not at all. It just differed in the volume of the data I put in my head and then vomited out during the exam. Engineering was only a little unhealthy and costly. Anyhow, engineering was an experience, though I wouldn’t like to have the same experience twice.

I don’t know for sure what I want to write about, but would let myself be independent in thought at least, on August 15. I know many of my friends feel the same at the end of the tunnel of engineering. Having been there and done that, it feels so discouraging to think that so many are still passing through the tunnel only to forfeit their dreams. Let me come to the topic at least. I wonder who can improve our education system. The education system we proudly refer to as one of the toughest in the world. Keeping it toughest can’t, in any stretch of imagination, cover up the shortcomings of it. I feel for the children of India who are misled into a system which eventually kills their wings of thought and pushes them to serve the capitalistic forces. I feel pity and disgust at the people like me who have seen the ends and the means and do nothing much than write and speak on the problem. I hope that people will rise out of their hopelessness and think about their future generations. I hope that writing this article will give hope at least to me. I hope I will break free of my capitalistic threads and will go back to the India that was part of my Dreams and thoughts. I hope I will help a few dreamers to reach their reality.

  1. Fredie
    July 11, 2012 at 4:16 pm

    No problem Gurpreet.. take care of ur childrens future.. it’s not at all over…

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