Spiritually Lacking

Looking back at the years gone by while sipping from a cup of tea , I don’t know what to make of it. Have I lost so many years without knowing what I was doing? Or is it that the experiences that I gained and the lessons that I learnt more than reciprocate the time spent.

It makes me think, do we have any purpose for life or we are just part of a cosmic joke? I think former seems more right than the latter. There must be some path of higher knowledge, the knowledge to understand the reason behind all this. The religions term it as enlightenment, supreme knowledge. Can we ever free some part of our life to go and search for this super knowledge? Can we really take out some time for this? I think like a lot of other things, we have managed to outsource this search to some not-so-ambitious spiritual gurus who can do R&D for the meaning of life. In order to apprise ourselves of the latest happenings we occasionally visit some religious places to take blessings from these researchers. They tell us whatever they know about the path to life and we are satisfied by that.

Is it all there is to life? Visit some religious place once a while, turn on to Aastha channel for a few seconds while scanning from Star Gold to Star Movies, read about spirituality in a weekly news column and keep going about our daily jobs like all else is illusion. Perhaps this is the misplaced meaning of “mediocre life” that Buddha proposed to follow. Perhaps we are so much conditioned to keep on doing the same old things that the thought of breaking the daily routine (or the lack of it) is impracticable. One may think, there are no deadlines or threats everything is going smooth then why should we risk our smooth running life for something which doesn’t appear to have an answer. This thought, I think one of the strongest, overpowers the feeling to go all out for the pursuit of true knowledge. We may inform our mind that everything is not going to be smooth for always, there will be time when the darkness of the tunnel will envelope us. That will be the time when we will remember this period. For the sake of avoiding that situation we have to think now, seek something now.

I just remembered that I finished my tea. I’ll just replace the cup in the kitchen while thanking my mom (in my mind).

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