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Website Review –

I joined Weegy February this year after reading about it on a Hub. I would like to share my experience as this is a real earner for freelancers.

Weegy is a real-time, interactive Q&A Interface ready to offer answers to all types of questions remaining active round the clock. It has a system of online knowledge base as well as human experts who work on real world problems.  “Weegy” is a female animated avatar who acts as a representative as if she is interacting with the user.

This is a cost effective and a speedy way of getting answers to any questions and problems. I have been one of its experts for a few week now and have a fair bit of insight to explain about this site.


MAIN THEME is a community-based expert system”. It provides answers to every question and smartens itself during the process. Whenever a user asks a question, it gives the most relevant answer from database. If the users needs a better answer, he can rate it as “not a good answer”. The question is then routed to one of theWeegy experts who provides the answer from their own knowledge or after research.

All this is free of cost and flexible to use. Weegy can be accessed via Phone Call, Text message or Online Chat. Users can categorize their questions so that Weegy can choose the best expert available for the question. A good thing for experts to use Weegy is that they are paid for answering. There are also monthly contests for hardworking experts.

It Provides:

  • Answers to users free of cost 24-by-7 via Call, Text and Chat.
  • Ways to earn money for Subject Experts who are paid for answering and competing in contests.
  • High quality standards for answers and persistently adapting knowledge base.


At Weegy, you get quality answers like nowhere else (which are also mostly at nominal cost). For professional analysis and opinion questions, Weegy system is very efficient to route them to the best expert on the subject.

Features of Weegy for users:

  1. User will get an instantaneous answer from Weegy knowledge base as soon as he enters the question. If the answer in not appropriate, it is routed to an expert.
  2. At Weegy, user is well informed about the status of his question. Weegy provides various side options for experts to communicate the status of their findings. This communication channel through “NOTES” helps control the BP levels.
  3. Quality of Answers is great. Expert answers have ratings. Their payments are dependent on these ratings. They are very important for experts and help keep the quality of answer considerably high.
  4. For professional service, users have option to choose Weegy Pro and Weegy Research. These are paid options. Using these options users get to hand pick the expert. Only the cream of experts are available for Pro and Research services.
  5. Users get the answers in written as well as animated speech from Miss Weegy.
  6. Weegy has a one step easy-to-use interface. There is NO requirement for a Sign Up.



Another good thing about Weegy is that it gives inquisitive people an opportunity to earn money. This was the reason I was lured into it. Now, I use Weegy both for answers and answering. Questions vary from one letter multiple choice ones to analysis and opinion questions.

Weegy pays variable rate to reward experts who consistently provide correct and descriptive answers and are actively participating on the site. The rate of pay depends upon the question and answer quality, the expert level and length of service, the time of day, flag rate, user ratings, and an evaluation by Weegy administrators.

According to Weegy, average payment rate for experts is $0.20 per conversation. This is excluding the pay received from Pro and Research services. Payments in these services are divided equally between Weegy and the Expert.

Features for Experts:

  1. Average Payment rate of $0.20 per conversation.
  2. Opportunity to earn big money by being eligible for Pro and Research. Expert’s share of pay for Pro service is $1.00 for every 5 minutes of conversation.
  3. Opportunity to earn extra money by Good Ratings. Top three expert get rewards ($30, $20 and $10).
  4. Opportunity to earn extra money by Comments.
  5. It is always a good opportunity to learn new things, especially the ones which are important in this world.
  6. Flexibility of multi-tasking and choosing questions. Experts have the right to pass the question when busy and can also work in parallel windows until they hear the question alert.



I have been working for Weegy since February. I might have worked on average only for around 1-2 hours a day while multi-tasking on social networking sites, Hub writing, studying, etc. I have earned $24.56/mo on this site with honest and concise answers. My average payment rate is $0.11 per question which is less than average but good enough. I think it is justified because I am not expert yet and need to go through my share of learning.

Apart from statistics this I have acquired some knowledge about History, Science, English and a lot more. I am not an addict but for knowledge I like to keep close to this site.


For receiving payments you requires minimum earnings of $20.00 and a valid PayPal account.



Weegy is novel idea and I feel that it is a good decision to get into it as early as possible. Once it picks up popularity and credibility, you will be good earners.For users, Weegy is becoming indispensable and nothing-to-lose option. You can get the best answers at no cost at all.