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SSC CGL Preparation Books

There is no shortage on books in the market. But sometimes the abundance of choice makes the task more indecisive. You can read as many books as you like for preparing, however, if you have limited time and want to make the best out of that time, the choice will be very important.

A lot of SSC CGLE candidates are late comers (some due to lack of awareness and others due to lack of confidence and Drive). They resort to crash course style of preparation. This kind of preparation becomes necessary when there are only a few weeks left for the preparation. In limited amount of time, the preparation should be restricted to the specialized material only. Some of the specialized books are:

  • Upkar Prakashan / Kiran Prakashan / G K P (Top Down Approach) : These books are good to have a fair idea about the Exam as well as lay hands on the previous years papers. In addition, you also get to solve model tests which helps checking the level of preparation. One drawback of these crash course books is that they don’t teach you concepts. This makes them suitable only for those who are already preparing for such kind of exams. Others can supplement these books with conceptual books given below. There is no need to buy more than one book from this category as this may lead to financial over-burden and confusion.
  • Arun Sharma ( Arithmetical Ability): For learning concepts, a lot of people resort to internet. It is a great source but doesn’t help much. This is because online resources are disorganized and hard to retrieve leading to wastage of effort and time. Moreover, fatigue factor is more when reading online as compared to that from books. Arun Sharma is primarily written for CAT aspirants but it is quite a help even for CGLE preparation. Things you need to know is to restrict your reference to concepts and that to pertaining to CGLE Syllabus only. By doing so, you will be able to customize this book for your use. Arun sharma has a large amount of questions (some of which are beyond the syllabus of CGLE). So, you need to keep in mind a few Do’s and Dont’s before using this book.
  • DO’S:
    • Learn only the concepts, formulae and shortcuts.
    • Remember CGLE Syllabus.
    • See 1-2 questions on each topic.
    • Go on solving the book (go back to Specialized book for practice).
    • Touch topics which are beyond the syllabus.
    • Lose your focus from CGLE.
PS: I recommend Arun Sharma because it helped me. There are some other books in the market which can equally help you. Reader’s discretion is required.
  • R. S. Aggarwal (Reasoning): It is also a concept book. Difficulty level of Reasoning in CGL Exam is low but those who are not well versed in reasoning problems can read this book. Before buying this book, I would suggest you to check out the Reasoning problems in the books mentioned at the top and see whether you need this book or not. Remember that reasoning is a scoring subjects when it comes to CGL Exam and can make or break your rank. Those who are good at it should aim between 40-45.
  • Wren and Martin or Word Power Made Easy (English): These books, again, are not necessary. But they can be a great foundation for under confident aspirants. They can also be very useful in Tier-II English Language Paper (which will be of 200 marks). By personal experience I find them a little dry. However, most of the questions in the English Section are onvocabulary and sentence structure which will be covered by these 2 books. Thus, these books can be very useful.
  • Lucent GK (General Awareness): There are some universal truths about General Awareness which are worth keeping in mind.
    • It has an unlimited syllabus no matter if it is short.
    • It takes effort and luck to score well in this section.
But the book by Lucent publications seems to defy these truths. It is one of those books which can boast of carrying more than 60% of questions asked in CGL Exam each year. Thus, it is a must have for each and every candidate. It may be a bit exhaustive and consume a lot of your time. I will advise caution if you are short of time. It should be read selectively depending on your strengths and weaknesses.

This study material can be complemented with online resources, especially for the General Awareness part keeping in mind that online wandering can’t replace the organized preparation at home.

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